Atheris Hispida!!!!!!!

So I came across a certain slithery individual who I guess needed quite the mention down here... The Atheris Hispida, is a venomous viper that's actually found in Central Africa. Check out the apparent extremely keeled scales that give it an almost bristly appearance...looks - 8.5 I guess.             Decent … Continue reading Atheris Hispida!!!!!!!

Remember the time…

This time round I just decided to go for broke and put it all out there just to maybe appease some of these 'demons' from blowing up this uncontrollable manifestation of an always feared possession. Hope you all will relatively enjoy this...who knows, it could end up being quite the draft of a compilation of chronicles of sorts. If not scrolls. Feed me back though, I'm an efficient "chatbot" 😂😂 but seriously though...I reply.

To homicide, a slaughter

Well recently, due to of course the fact that there's been too many favourable hectic situations roaming here and there but constantly within my own aura-filled vicinity, I never really got the chance to randomly passed by here and give this place a much needed revamp by updating a post or two or three, but … Continue reading To homicide, a slaughter


A time of global change is upon us. Though many are confident in these changes, many others are now uncertain about the future. All is easy when the wind is still and the ground is peaceful. But when the gusts of change begin to push against their backs, humans begin to realise how fragile they … Continue reading SWAYING ATOP

When will it end?

Don't Lie Down You say you're glad one day you'll die though not tomorrow or today I say that's just a clever lie you tell yourself so you can play. For should you ever come to know that soon might be your time to go. You will work hard for a new lease not just … Continue reading When will it end?


I ended up meeting Macos again the other day, of course he came back with more trippy chronicles at his disposal... : "So the other day, during one of my constantly occurring trippy reveries during majority of the day a random, and maybe, completely unexpected notion kept on drawing back and forth in my abyss … Continue reading 90

Oya! Oya!

Hehe, here was just another one of those banter-filled expositions that unexpectedly make themselves borne during my well-being.

Oya! Oya! Oya! So now, man, there's been this almost and utterly similar silhouette of a situation that occasionally if not all the time signal to both select individuals or even concurrently a community of a country...yaani raia. Those mashinani pride filled individuals and people who really play a very key role when it comes … Continue reading

On and on…?

As fore-written a while back there; in contradistinction to all modern occultists -  be they self-described extremists/Satanists, or even self-described followers of some Left Hand Path maybe, self-described sorcerers, or randomly something else - one's Order should (must) have a unique tradition in respect to Baphomet, exemplifying that Baphomet; say a female name, which would … Continue reading On and on…?


My abode insincere and undefined, An endless curse borne surely refined, I don't know if at all it is me, Or it is...isn't...or someone who could be me, F*ck it I couldn't care, It would never dare, At all I know how & who I am, I know my will, my life, won't even forget … Continue reading Devoid…

1 + …

The term 'azoth'; conventionally said to be derived from a variety of languages, give or take 5; French - assogueArabic - az-zauqSpanish - azoguePortuguese - azougueSpanish-Arabic - az-zaouga; all this leading to the assumed connection with the Persian ziywah and with quicksilver. Consequentially, due to passing of time, been (mis)understood as Mercurius and connected to … Continue reading 1 + …