Bloodshed and Satisfaction…

Well tonight…okay the last few hours was all but deprived of insomnia, thus my endless wandering and meandering around this galaxy-of-sort called the Internet…to be honest I don’t think one can be bored when online. Aside from the humour present here, there’s one issue that just can’t miss and yeah…bloodshed.

Hey hey now, I’m quite positive that I’m not the only one who suffers from random bouts of homicidal and torture-filled fantasies that reign in our thoughts daily. Yes now you get me.

Okay, a couple of hours ago another blast happened in this blessed (or recently cursed) country of ours and more lives were lost – God rest their souls – but hey I’m still alive! And to think I wanted to pass by that area just to check out how that mall is, since there’s a bit of chatter about it, but that’s a story for another day…it’s a good thing I didn’t overcome my laziness and I decided to kick it indoors.

Anyway, it’s not new this issue here and the government still being quite complacent in handling it – though I think there’s more to this story than what it is there in the open. Consequently, satisfaction is achievable through bloodshed…to both sides of the coin. Look across the world…that’s how things just are and will continue being for as long as humanity remains reigning on this rock. Look at Syria for example, I’m sure things wouldn’t have torn up right through the middle like the way they have if a few of the ‘big’ countries chipped in to put out the small flame before before it razed into the inferno that is present…they – the ‘big’ states – should have noticed it early but they weren’t satisfied that it was a problem, 3 years later…that country’s finished, it will need decades of re-building.syria-rubble


I mean, look mass graves there are no longer a big deal.



It’s just SAD.

Enough with the negativity anyway, let’s look at the other side. In the olden days for example…way back…the people of an empire always looked up to their greatest of warriors and soldiers for leadership and guidance and that was a good thing. Alexander the Great, Arthur (plus this guy had a freaking wizard for security, none could smite thee Haha!), Achilles (yes Troy was a legendary movie that one) amongst others.

Then there were the brutally evil ones who couldn’t be questioned in any way whatsoever. Screw Emperor Nero, let me talk about back here at home. There was a certain fellow who was at the helm of Kenya for more than two and a half decades, and despite all the dastardly acts that occurred, everyone walked away from that subject with their tails tucked between their legs…why? I don’t think I need to answer that.

So there…with death there’ll never be complete satisfaction but satisfaction nonetheless. But I do say, let us not suppress those homicidal thoughts at all, rather accept them but be cautious, we are human.


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