Life goes on…

So after an awesome end to nights of utter debauchery with no remorse, I welcomed my survival of twenty good years on this unpredictable rock of a planet. Yes there was drinking…lots of it to be honest and now I think am ready to go forthwith and embark on my continuous but not endless journey of liife.


To be honest I came to notice that having an affection to the slithery serpents as an intriguing animal to enthuse about is still a long way from escaping judgement from fellow companions. Yes, I like snakes and this has not really been accpeted by my comrades as normal behaviour and I keep being questioned about how stable my mental state is. But I will not shy away from this and to be frank about it, I will, henceforth, at least for this month dedicate a few number of posts on snakes….yes, SNAKES!


The 2014 World Cup is now upon us and it’s just but 9 days left till the epitome of soccer tournaments kicks off. Which team have I dedicated my full support to?? ENGLAND!!!! This team, I think…no wait, I know will have a very decent performance in the next few weeks. I may be over-stepping when I say that maybe we will make it all the way to the Maracana Stadium for the final but I won’t be completely surprised. ENGLAND!! ENGLAND!! ENGLAND!!!

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