Spaghetti & Chicken in Thai peanut sauce.

iminza sandra

Hey guys!
So I’ll share with y’all the recipe that I used today to make dinner.
Why I do this is because I’ve had terrible experiences when trying out recipes online because you spend money to buy sometimes very expensive ingredients and you end up preparing food for the dust bin and not people.

Collection of the ingredients.


 Marination of the chicken



 Then I stir fried the chicken and prepared the peanut sauce



 I decided to use asparagus as the accompaniment;


For this you’ll need;

-garlic( I used 3 cloves)
-butter ( I used salted butter)
-asparagus ( I used a hand full, about 10 sticks)

And finally dinner was served!


I highly recommend this recipe. Its quick and easy to whip up!
You can pair it with any green vegetables. However, I made a few adjustments;
– I half-ed the amount of peanut butter on the recipe
– I…

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