Expectation & Confusion…

The society at large tends to be quite abrupt, most of the time if not always, hitting you with deceiving short time fantasies…yet, it’s all just chicanery. No wonder, there’d always be someone somewhere brimming with nonsensical bouts of not-really-wanted enthusiasm in a situation one doesn’t actually need at all. In this society, lies this unexplained yet equally proven – scientifically & historically – drive to have a sadomasochist-like domination over another fellow being. And the funny thing about it is, it is needed and does exist within this daily survival of us humans on this rock. For one being to develop, another must lose. Just has to. Yin and Yang, good & evil naturally interdependent and co existent in perfect harmony. Concurrently, one could ask, why, for example, one would go ahead and fuck someone else up? That would only lead you to attain a one way ticket to meet our unavoidable ‘friend’….the government. Yes, you’ll be locked up, jailed or even shot at, nothing new there. The ever and apparently existing government…humans need a government. I mean, look at the lawless lands around the globe…our overzealous abilities are almost timeless. So, it seems it’s going to be here with us forever, to insert a hawk’s feather into the domain of our nether lands. It’s all good though, well because I’m one of those, “we can all live in harmony and peace” but I know that’s all rubbish and shit, because it can’t and won’t ever happen. Dare to happen sounds better. Why? Well, for one, I don’t mind random bloodshed, no I don’t. We’re bound to die at some point anyway. It’s needed, because, we either die or get killed. Yes, I’ve watched a plethora of those beheadings all over the internet, I find them intriguing to say the least. Seriously, why wouldn’t you consider watching a random fellow, tied up, head placed on the ground/give or take, a chopping rock(you got to give it up to the kind of persiflage and rumbustious vibes that these ‘so-called’ psychotic killers posses. “So-called” because everyone deserves a little bit of empathy (time & again) receiving all means & forms of defilation to the rest of him/her, have their neck slit and continuously gored open and repeatedly twisted till it’s finally ripped off their skeleton. Horror shit, dastardly brutal, but all the same it does tickle some weird part in us, or maybe it’s just me……every inch of empathy is deserved to be handed to these people before rash judgement. We should all just try and have an unwanted yet totally inchoative expedition to try and get dwellings in some of the realms these beings preside in, and have that mutual moment with them. Come on, it does tickle your fancy a bit? Yes, it does. Hold up, but when you go ahead and do that, everyone starts to think you’re a pro-active supporter. The enigma of the society.

Just recently the government passed the now-infamous Security Laws Act…it seems though it had 8 unconstitutional clauses. 8 clauses. At least there are people around with some clear heads, who actually know how to get rid of waste and flush it. These guys lakini…they need to get their panties together and head to the laundry room. We don’t want this wise-guy mentality the government has that’s out of control. People dying here and there, everywhere, and no I’m not talking about big personalities raided with an overzealous consumption of lead at some insane hours of the wee morning since many of those are just personal feuds and vendettas amongst themselves and it shouldn’t involve, I don’t know, how many thousands of people again? And the same people could use that resultant loss to emotionally disturb and control the balance we all have. Either we’re just hard-headedly ignorant, plain blind to see it, stupid or just too deep in denial to see how bad things are. My perspective is that we could just be ignorantly stupid. Yes, there’s the greed that these ‘big buys’ have to make sure that the majority of the common man does not have any sensible and valid chance to get educated because they know when that does happen, they will lose that control and power over them rendering them just normal…every politician’s nightmare I guess? Reason for the constant presence of tribalism perhaps?
Then there’s the stoical mindset people have inside these borders. I’m too perplexed to figure out whether it’s innocent powerlessness (I doubt this though) or it’s just puppy-infatuation over people who have garnered unexplained wealth and riches from a while back in the day when people were actually not so educated and altered, given the recently developed superficial blindness we claim to show – a bullshit fallacy from the West – nowadays, it could be the reason why……..naaah. #FreeAllanWadi
But nonetheless, tutang’ang’ana tu. The government lakini, really needs to stop being too driven away by the objective of trying to clean up the President’s and VP’s pages and try to balance out the country for our own sake.

That’s all for now man!! Stay safe!


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