Drive. Discretion. Dissent.

I took a minute before I decided to show up over here. But mimi huyu hapa.
The festive season is once again gladly with us…deck the halls, just do, exuberance yes please. Frolicking is pardoned, debauchery is excusable but don’t forget the big white house watching on that mini-hill somewhere around the city, let alone the big religious eye hovering around the country ever since His Holiness made an appearance within the borders. His visit got the whole country so jumpy you could see it in the local security detail’s eyes on tv!!

Well now, given the religious cloud hovering over the country I’m sure you’ve ever listened to or over-heard some senior-like individual somewhere claiming the youth have the devil roaming amongst them and the evident drifting further away from church. So I went on a bit of an info-scapade to try and validate some of those claims, cause well given how powerful the Catholic Church’s presence is around the world, I’m sure there are claimed ‘Satanists’ too existing somewhere on this rock.

Satanism…that word evokes a lot of confusion in someone since it’s a muddy shortcut in front of a drunkard who’s never actually used that way before. But is it a philosophy or qualify to be one, for it to do that, a weltanschauung, it needs a distinct ontology: i.e. an explanation regarding the physis (essence) of Being and of beings, essentially humans.

With modern Satanism however, it tends to lack a unique ontology and epistemology, has a collection of fake statements plagiarized from diverse authors; like Plato or Epicurus, plus its explanation of nature of existence is also unoriginal, egoistic as it is in its entirety.

Generally, it’s not a philosophy but egoism – a masculous egoistic ipseity – antinomianism with some occult ornamentation.


So technically, should you want to educate or rather entertain the country with this sort of mindset, you could start one, or a couple, that has a distinct ontology, epistemology and ethics. Going into specifics, in respect to us humans, a decent-sounding ontology would be that of our physis being a nexus between causal and acausal being; a nexus manifest not only in our esoteric connection to other living beings and to the Cosmos, but also in our psyche…consciously or not, symbolical, archetypal, mythological and; otherwise.
It could also imply that good and evil and our perceived ipseity are human made causal assumptions manifest as abstractions most   notably noticeably via categorisation and by the illusion of acausal dialectic of ideated opposites. Kuongezea (Happy Jamhuri!!!), a nexion between causal and acausal, humans because of consciousness, reason, empathy have a unique ability to change ourselves consciously.

On the other hand, an epistemology that could work is one of the existing of both causal and acausal knowing, having both types of knowing required in order for wisdom to be attained…and…applying – a vanilla ice-cream covered cherry – like – definition of wisdom to be (besides having discernment) the older sense of having a certain knowledge of a pagan kind to do with living beings, human nature and concerning Nature and the heavens.

The best, according to me of course, theory of ethics to back up that mindset would be that of honour, since such honour can be considered as a primary means, and of maintaining the necessary balance.

In respect of the meaning of existence, a plausible theory is that not only is existence independent of us, but also that our physis, as mortals, presents us an opportunity to egress beyond our mortal death to an immortal existence.

Yes, I guess that’s all for now…



…have a blessed Jamhuri Day!!


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