At some point, things tend to go awry. No, I am not talking about harmful awry…since such a feeling doesn’t come out in the open just like that, no matter how random it can/could be (is).

By awry , I think when I say things get incomprehensible, you all catch the drift.

So, there’s this other individual I happened to come across and acquaint myself with…



Obsessive infatuation; always gets you a foundation so sinisterly strong, the love they could harness out of it cannot just be randomly decrypted and deduced to be the same thing. Deciphering an emotion that dastardly from another and taking that paramount step to gladly get a sense of gratification, happiness and acceptance, really takes a toll on you especially if you don’t almost feel the same way for them, tarnishing a blooming heart tentatively ready to add a couple of more numbers to its already ‘destructed’ half-life.



Walking around aimlessly, yondering up and about, draining yourself out; soul condemnation; an inebriated facade of escape, disoriented personality, loned. Occasionally fluctuating concentration levels. It’s totally and utterly disturbing to say the least, but, until you meet face-to-face, and get lost in that moment of a teleportation-of-sorts to either galaxies through those co-existing corneal singularities. Eyes; what with the enigma they tend to be, imposing a lot of danger given their embodiment of a never-ending abyss of sorts in them.




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