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The term ‘azoth’; conventionally said to be derived from a variety of languages, give or take 5;

  1. French – assogue
  2. Arabic – az-zauq
  3. Spanish – azogue
  4. Portuguese – azougue
  5. Spanish-Arabic – az-zaouga;

all this leading to the assumed connection with the Persian ziywah and with quicksilver. Consequentially, due to passing of time, been (mis)understood as Mercurius and connected to the Qabalah. Putting Mercurius aside, technically (alchemy) azoth is used to describe the stable amalgam of three basic alchemical elements; mercury, sulphur & salt; a combination constantly sought after from human race’s timely memory by alchemists via various alchemical processes.

Evidential proof of the combination of these three alchemical elements is seen, for example: – in

  1. the sigil described by John Dee in his Monas hieroglyphica
  2. in the book Azoth Sive Aureliae Occultae Philosophorum by Basilius Valentinus, published in 1613;

both of which relate Azoth to the ancient Greco-Roman, hermetic septenary system, also showing the septenary system in relation to a ‘double tetrahedron’, an idea one could recount centuries and centuries later on by any order relating it to the said’s aural traditions and which could be publicly posted and published.

Let’s stir fry some grey matter for a bit here now;

exampling a random, let’s say ‘Order of the Teary Nines’.

It’s the ancient, alchemical, the esoteric, meaning of Azoth which (is) would be used by OT9’s, connected as Azoth is with the septenary system and thus, the Teary 9’s, the nine combinations of the three basic alchemical substances and representing as the (supposed) OT9’s star game does the nine angles, the septenary system and the link that we as individual human beings are between the causal and the acausal.

In other words, the OT9’s ‘Star Game’ [7 main boards; various combinations; 3 elements]; is a modern representation of the means to produce Azoth: the double pelican from which comes the alchemical “living water”; expounded further by maybe saying, together with the ancient alchemical symbolism and text:

The secret of the Magos/Mousa who lies beyond the Grade of Master/Lady master is a simple unity of two common things.

This unity is greater than, but built upon the double pelican being inward yet like the stage of Sol, outward though in a lesser degree. Here is the living water, azoth, which falls upon earth nurturing it, and from which the seed flowers/brighter than the sun.

The flower, properly prepared, splits the Heavens – it is the great elixir which comes from this which when taken into the body dissolves both Sol and Luna bringing exaltation.

Whoever takes this elixir will live immortal among the fiery stars.

That the OT9’s star game is itself a connection to the acausal (and thus a modern type of sorcery) has been mentioned in several of the indigenous OT9 texts. For sorcery, that freely/randomly, is, just as genuine alchemy was, a symbiosis; a fact explained it in various of the texts such as, per say, in the introduction to Alchemical Seasons & the Fluxions of time and in the OT9 rite of the OT9s.

“Esoterically, the nine tears of the OT9s are represented in a dual manner:

  1. in the Star Game when it’s used (played) as a Dark Art; for instance Aeonic sorcery; with there thus being a natural or inner alchemy (a symbiosis, presencing) involved between mortal(s) – players, players – and various acausal energies; and
  2. as a modern representation of the hermetic anados (enlightenment) and thus of the septenary system, of our consciousness, plus of those supernatural (cosmic) energies (forces) beyond the causal.”


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