My abode insincere and undefined,

An endless curse borne surely refined,

I don’t know if at all it is me,

Or it is…isn’t…or someone who could be me,

F*ck it I couldn’t care,

It would never dare,

At all I know how & who I am,

I know my will, my life, won’t even forget that homie of mine Sam,

It has been rough, and it has begun,

Screams loud tears streamed the song is sung,

Big crowd -milkshake tilt the thong hung?

Haha, collections gotta grow directions gotta go,

A day-another will be woke to that dream I gotta go,

I can be here, wait…

I can’t be here chanting to bear arms,

I can’t build a fortress with just two arms

I could decide to stay alone and lone up and about – it could be that easy,

But won’t I want to let know what I’ve done on the tv,

Won’t I want them to see me?

Won’t I want to smile wide cause I know they will see me?

Won’t I smile everyday and feel how I wanted to be me?

Won’t I be the Sir I wanted to be me?

Won’t I?


I don’t really think so…

I am J. I am J. I am J.

I think I could be on the verge of some really nasty schizophrenic psychotic breakdown that’d be utterly disappointing and saddening.

But who’d have given the boatman a gold coin like you did Sir?

Who’d still follow you into that dinghy Sir?

Don’t you love yourself Sir?

I want to see you love yourself Sir.

I want to see you being happy Sir.

All is not lost Sir…

Is that Hades in your living room Sir?

How can I be able to help Sir?

Chant away why don’t you, do you wanna talk Sir?





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