On and on…?

As fore-written a while back there; in contradistinction to all modern occultists –  be they self-described extremists/Satanists, or even self-described followers of some Left Hand Path maybe, self-described sorcerers, or randomly something else – one’s Order should (must) have a unique tradition in respect to Baphomet, exemplifying that Baphomet;

  1. say a female name, which would be used to describe a shapeshifting entity; a dark goddess primally, to whom human sacrifices would and can be, dedicated and offered.
  2. a name most probably meaning Mother (Mistress) of Blood.
  3. that Baphomet would/is the mother and bride of a ‘god’, and the mother of all acausal entities – ‘demons’ – we(‘d) know or have experienced over millennia.
  4. that the now commonly accepted origins and meaning of Baphomet are esoterically incorrect and fallacious.

Plus, let’s conventionally describe that Baphomet as, per say;

  1. associated with a male idol rumoured to be connected to the Medieval Knights Templar. or;
  2. associated with a (the) figure – The Goat of Mendes – described (wholly moving along concurrently with it) and illustrated in works by Eliphas Levi; subsequently by the rider-Waite Tarot (Major Arcana XV) and the sigil used by one (Lavey) et al.
  3. described by Crowley as male and derived from Mithras.

A recount of indeed an esoteric aural tradition, one iconoclastically described in early dating manuscripts and volume inclusions since:

  • The name of Baphomet regarded as meaning “the mistress (mother) of blood” – the Mistress who sometimes washes in the blood of her foes and whose hands are thereby stained.

The supposed Greek-borne derivation and not as is sometimes said from the Attic form of ‘wise‘. Such usage of the term ‘Mother/Mistress’, quite prevalently common in later Greek alchemical writings using the prefix to signify a specific type of ‘amalgam’ (some would use(ing) this as a metaphor for the amalgam of Sol with Luna in the sexual sense). Once again, exemplifying a Septenary system, Baphomet, as Mistress of Earth, linking it to the sixth sphere (Jupiter) and the star Deneb. She is thus in one sense, a magical “Earth Gate“, and Her reflexion (or ‘causal’ nature – as against Her acausal or Sinister nature) is the third sphere (Venus) related to the star Antares.

A traditional depiction of that Baphomet would then be of a beautiful mature woman (often shown naked) holding up the severed head of the sacrificed priest, maybe?, hehe, (usually bearded).

With the existence of iconoclasm which naturally can/will/would lead self-described modern occultists to, yet again, criticize such an Order, even though such critics would originally never be bothered to, or lack the erudition and esoteric knowledge to, write a riposte to even provided evidence of the order. Evidence exemplified such as:

  • dying, dipped in, stained — and a metaphor of blood…..Aeschylus.
  • motherland — Pausaniae Graeciae Descriptio
  • mother/where the expression “mother of all” occurs…..Hesiod.
  • wise, skilled, craft.
  • possessed by mother of gods.

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