I ended up meeting Macos again the other day, of course he came back with more trippy chronicles at his disposal…


“So the other day, during one of my constantly occurring trippy reveries during majority of the day a random, and maybe, completely unexpected notion kept on drawing back and forth in my abyss of a medulla, or which may or not be referred to as an almost artsy epiphany, you know, like a simple understanding of whether as a complete, or seemingly ‘complete’ human race, life would or could be extended further than that apparently expected human ‘lifetime’ scale that has and had been accustomed to be the right projection resultant to an apparent summary of a myriad of calculations..like through that dense jungle of contingencies, extrapolated statistical analyses of how an expecting immortality solution is being gravely sought.

But, the irony of it could be how it may have already been found, discovered, experimented and probed exceptionally to see if it, as a rare and impossible find of a source of power to try and shut down a number of billion skeptics who may and could always have believed to never ever come to existence. I don’t know, however, kuna siku fulani (some random day that is) I came across a number of blinded ‘solution expositions’ by this myriad of a community of internet residents and tenants that were just forcing out luck even with the complete lack of any form of evidence to try and back up majority of their sentiments (yes, I call them sentiments since none of them have any form of a foundation of at least a drove of evidence anywhere…something that tends to sporadically irk and incense me since you can’t just blatantly walk around, surf around, or even just chant around too much mambo-jumbo over very unappreciated hear-say – something that we as humans, well mostly like around almost more than 75% tend to enjoy doing. Though to some extent actually, a decent bluff could and should give you (well with a lot of time of course) enough a chance to grow enough power to technically run this rock of a planet. I mean, wasn’t that the same thing that the apparent de-facto “Strongest and Most Powerful Man in The World” actually did and now look at him, He runs a whole Russia, like it’s a blasted monarchy yet, we are actually living in a time that democracy, parity and even rights’ activism is strife and living on relentlessly fighting off the few remaining leaders of states completely inebriated with power and stopped actually, giving any single damn about any other living being (or thing) that doesn’t really indigenously exist or randomly co-exist within his borders of a continent, well isn’t Russia that large enough to completely qualify as a continent on its own?

Bluff 1, bluff 2, bluff 3, and you may have a whole army busy guarding up your backside with the utmost pride, loyalty and respect…and complete fear…almost schizophrenic to say the least…schrizophrenia-enthused and induced paranoia, na si tafadhali. Hehe

That’s not what I’m here to try and expound on about.

Heavy digress that one, but I’m sure the message has actually been broadcast well enough and transmitted itself up, down and over all those electronic signal receptors in the medulla and fully decoded and downloaded.

2 days ago, actually, during one of those reveries of mine, eh, I wasn’t loning about with this one, this time round I had a very ‘almost musketeer-like companion’ – okay, fine, a fellow benzy-popper of mine – then at that plateau moment of the high that was almost poly-meditated for almost more than I think was it 88hours….yes, you know at times some stocks need to get predominantly planned out and well choreographed, you know, maybe until that point when, during the course of the week, the episodes of druggy reveries surpass that enjoyable feeling of ecstasy to almost that of, “Now why the f*ck did we really go and call up that plug lakini?? What the f*ck kinda high is all this?? –  Let me put it this way, you’ve ever gotten lit hadi it gets to that point…”Eh, mbona zimeraruka hivi lakini? … “Ai, hapana ni mimi solo ama zimeraruka mbaya? … Mbona lakini, tuimepop hizo zote lakini? F*ck bana…..and so on and so on, live on live on it seems…I guess.

So it got to this level where I ended being under the ‘cosmologic’ moment of tripping out hadi it eventually occured that I would but with all honesty call up both sides of the apparently all powerful spiritual manifestations of a human-demi god by chance, and see whether a mock or two could, should, I don’t know decide to go ahead and make a power broadcast-kind of defence and show up wholeheartedly and try to prove other existing confusion filled individuals like this set of undermentioned and sometimes constantly overlooked non-conformists, per say that is, that it isn’t just unsupported or needless to say propagated myth-like fantasies hell bent on trying to surpass all mortal underachievements and expectations but a reality that only a select few individuals could fathom or even maybe try to understand, and that it is there and has always been around somewhere if not where people tend to frequent most of the time.

Don’t forget I wasn’t alone at that moment in time…”


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