When will it end?

Don’t Lie Down

You say you’re glad one day you’ll die

though not tomorrow or today

I say that’s just a clever lie

you tell yourself so you can play.

For should you ever come to know

that soon might be your time to go.

You will work hard for a new lease

not just lay down to rest in peace.

And though you think it only fair

you leave your place to someone new

how would you feel to learn they knew

a way to stay but would not share?

— Sean Hastings (May 2002)

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Basically, life and aging to death are entities majority of human beings, if not all, tend to want to discover means of either deftly delaying it if not ridding it of its apparent existence. Bring along myths such as the Tree of Life and the Fountain of Youth into the equation, well since, they have existed throughout human history. Some, happy, others dissatisfied but there can be no doubt such legends play to wish fulfillment. Throughout the centuries, those who have had everything else, have always at the end wished they could trade it all for just a little more time.

And then there’s the ‘curse’ of our humanity that’s trying to be resolved by medical science, that of disease and death. The history of medical science technically and certainly amounts to a search for immortality. Besides the curing of sickness and infirmity, it, most recently actually, examines naturally occurring failings of the human body. Like hereditary diseases for one, are always worth fighting; body weaknesses encoded into our genes and caused by unwanted behaviour such as:

  • multiple sclerosis
  • haempohilia
  • sickle cell anaemia
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • cystic fibrosis
  • muscular dystrophy
  • lupus
  • cancer;

despite their genetic nature are all still thought of as terrible diseases to be battled by modern disease.

Aging would qualify to get counted as one of these diseases we’re having a lifelong battle with, what with how it is already considered a disease when it happens faster than normal. Progeria, it is called; a hereditary disease that causes much faster than usual aging in human beings; causing an average lifespan to be approximately 1/6th of the normal human lifespan.

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