Oya! Oya!

Hehe, here was just another one of those banter-filled expositions that unexpectedly make themselves borne during my well-being.

Oya! Oya! Oya! So now, man, there's been this almost and utterly similar silhouette of a situation that occasionally if not all the time signal to both select individuals or even concurrently a community of a country...yaani raia. Those mashinani pride filled individuals and people who really play a very key role when it comes … Continue reading

On and on…?

As fore-written a while back there; in contradistinction to all modern occultists -  be they self-described extremists/Satanists, or even self-described followers of some Left Hand Path maybe, self-described sorcerers, or randomly something else - one's Order should (must) have a unique tradition in respect to Baphomet, exemplifying that Baphomet; say a female name, which would … Continue reading On and on…?

mgs and chillin

So now due to a plethora of idealities, mentalities, differences and countless issues that can only be sorted out well enough to completely sort out a number of games maybe, challenges, rape cases, fraudulent debauchery, homicide and theft; we just have to be careful and cautious enough to know that to stay alive it could … Continue reading mgs and chillin


Latching onto premature euphoria to try to calm down the CNS tends to be infatuatingly satisfying. Bantering is infatuatingly satisfying. Infatuating occasionally is infatuatingly satisfying. We search to be with, and to love,girls and women. Because they are feminine; because they aren't men. We desire girls, and women, because we like we love we enjoy … Continue reading Contra-obversation??

Of mgs and a Phantom Soirée

So I have this tripping buddy, Macos. His name/pseudoname was coined in a way together with that of a certain pharmaceutical company due to his apparent affiliation with their products. Macos was narrating a certain ordeal he went through concerning one of those products and whether or not we would consider it a psychedelic, so … Continue reading Of mgs and a Phantom Soirée