Another one…


Yooo! So apparently after somewhat of a long hiatus, I decided to get something down here…well since it’s been like a month since I spent time here…

Well, Hannibal…..yes. Enough said.

A lot of ‘photo-burning’ has been done, you know, a little turning up here and there…but hiyo ni sheria I do say, a little bit of fun never hurt nobody! I’ve had good fun, pissed a few people off, got a lot of those ‘this guy is unstable’ looks — still getting them until now, but ey, life goes on….

Okay well I told myself I won’t spend so much time talking about the events that transpired in Rio…well because everyone knows everything, but still the Germans deserve a mention here. So they (the Germans) decided not to elevate the one Mr. Messi to god status in football — well a certain Götze decided that but I am not one to judge…I was actually gunning for the Oranje…

Back to this country of ours, Kenya. Politics, politics, politics, Masaku 7’s, illicit brew killing people, insecurity, failed economy, death and murder, land theft…..I think imma just sum it all up, everything’s just normal…well with the kind of government that’s ruling. I’m not going to go into an anti-Jubilee tirade over here, well because the proof is there, behold. Masaku 7’s though….kuchoma picha hehe!!!

The Middle East on the other hand, the Middle East, is just burning up. I think, umm these Jews in Israel just got tired of the modern-day critics of the Bible and just decided to show the world the modern version of the famed Jew/Palestine war similar to that in the Old Testament.
My stand??? I don’t really care, let them be, let them blow themselves off this planet, does it really matter? Kenya is a smaller county than Israel, they could also just decide to go HAM on us for all we care…then what?

In Africa on the other hand, there is serious death going on…like that’s anything new…but anyway Ebola has decided to be with us once more, scaring the balls off every government across the world. 90% fatality rate…! They have a reason anyway…now let’s just be honest, should that dastardly virus get through our boundaries…I have no freaking idea what and how the hell one, Uhuru Kenyatta and another James Macharia will control it…then we would all start dropping like shit, and I mean shit literally.

On a lighter note, in the hiphop music industry, it has been Dj Mustard’s year goddamn it! If you don’t concur, well then go somewhere and just fondle yourself….EDM this year has also been really entertaining…and Tomorrowland – considering the evidence everywhere on the net – it didn’t disappoint. And I hear it’s going to be in Africa next year…We will force some issues!!!!

Personally, I think that should be all for now, but I’ll be back.

Fuck Cancer….

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