Nostalgic Kenyan…

Well, here I am again, and the festive season is here once more with us, giving the brethren a solid green card to partake in meaningless debauchery without any form of remorse in their souls.

Yes we have turned up, yes we still are going to turn up till a certain Nazarite decides to come down here…like we even give two fucks.

The country is in tatters, just ask our dear senator Mr. Khalwale…well since they recently decided to air their views in the August house but discovered the government didn’t want to have any of that self-expression. Our dear president decided to enlarge his head a bit more and went ahead to assent a completely draconian law. Security is shit right now, we all know and see that every single day what with the way bodies are dropping like flies on faecal matter around this country.

The world watched, in shock as hundreds of full grown men and women decided to have a ball in the middle of the city. It was quite hilarious to be honest but utterly disappointing to say the truth, but anyway aren’t we all used to this kind of bullshit from these guys. The government itself with quite a substandard performance in administration, but it’s all dandy since his case was allegedly not forthcoming since all witnesses were obviously paid off, abducted and hidden away from the public eye….again??? Were we really surprised? I wasn’t….it was bound to happen.

I’m not one to try and judge this government but wait, is there a government really?? No sense of closure can be felt from these guys but hey, we’ll pull through. The amendment that was recently assented though is SHIT and UNWARRANTED!!!

Anyway, it has been a glorious comeback in the red side of Manchester, Mr. Louis van Gaal doing an expected remarkable job in handling things at Old Trafford. We are glad. Now the only thing we are all waiting for is seeing and witnessing Mr. Manchester himself Wazza lifting the Premier League this coming end to what I know will be, and has already been, an insane development in the English Premier League. GGMU!!!

I don’t think I have any more shit to put down here so that will be all for now…

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