To homicide, a slaughter

Well recently, due to of course the fact that there’s been too many favourable hectic situations roaming here and there but constantly within my own aura-filled vicinity, I never really got the chance to randomly passed by here and give this place a much needed revamp by updating a post or two or three, but what the heck? I’m here now…

In the country, well the most recent of times rather, we were too busy trying to not get to preoccupied with the results homicide-themed abstract performances that were prevalently existing within our social stratosphere. Because, well it became accepted hearsay among us the whole death, people dying, people killing others like hyenas in a goose farm, killers having their government names flung here and there with utter disregard for their own and others’ safety…I actually find this quite funny how people didn’t have any form of paranoia whatsoever whether or not any retribution would have sufficed from the same people being discussed on and around every corner of this perplexed society hanging on for dear life borne from the Kenyan Motherland of Africa.

Tutang’ang’ana tu, hehe.

Anyway, what I want to delve into and talk about soon had me sure, I would coerce me to a need of a try to hold on to some of my yesteryears’ preeminent real-time escapes…abyssful blissdom.

Putting aside Evolved bails, it is paramount to appreciate that a homicidal man, a slaughter they can have and bear.

That’s all for now.

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