Well this here is now officially my second post, no longer a virgin here now ey? I think a double shot is in order!!!

Well so it was Good Friday…nothing too special…well except some extremely outrageous 4:20 session I had with a kingly size of a joint that only the late and great Bob Marley’s chant could fathom. And a TRIPPY evening ensued, walking around the estate with random strong bouts of paranoia that my stoned state was exposed for all to see, and I guess it was all out there but ey! Do I give two fucks??? Not at all.

So there’s a new Earth-like planet out there some few light years awaaaaaayyyyy, I don’t know it’s called Kepler-186f…yes that’s the name!! Okay, according to me – well after watching Elysium that is – YES! WE WILL BE ABLE TO GROW WEED THERE!!! That’s Stoners 1 the System NIL!! Well that and the self excommunication of the extremely rich and wealthy to that planet and the obviously-going-to-happen seclusion of the bourgeoisie to the lower cadre of us humans on this soon-to-die-out Earth…so yes –let’s make some wealth, WE MUST!

I managed to get my hands on the controller of a Playstation 4 and played FIFA 14. WHOO!  I think I ended up with a semi, two completely different worlds compared to its predecessor the PS3, that slow camera caption from outside the stadium showing the surrounding environment and infrastructure heading towards the pitch itself, simply Breathtaking! I won’t even start on the game play itself, and just let you decide to make your mind up and pop into one of the gaming cafés in the city and have a go! Oh how times have changed, when the best game was a humble Tekken 3 on a legendary white Ps1.

Marvel decided to halt the undeniably long and inconsiderate hiatus from filming the X Men and released the date of its premiere of X Men: Days of Future Past…well one that’s a long title for a much anticipated return, two I will watch this movie on its premiere so be sure to find and sense my presence in and around iMAX in town on that eventful day, three well Jennifer Lawrence is going to feature in this movie, this mami is running the box office league in the States and I’m eager to see her performance as Mystique!

Well is it me or is Cartoon Network no longer Cartoon Network??? Ocassionally I have tried to get something there to watch but oh how they’ve killed. It’s become so bad they got a scheduled section titled “Old School” for such like Johnny Bravo and Ed, Edd and Eddy. How the latter used to tickle my fancy. I could say there is one that’s a bit enthusing called Regular Show, quite a dum one that one. All in all that’s it.

Umm, expect a new post from me after every 9 to 10 days…!


CHEERS! That’s all!

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