mgs and chillin

So now due to a plethora of idealities, mentalities, differences and countless issues that can only be sorted out well enough to completely sort out a number of games maybe, challenges, rape cases, fraudulent debauchery, homicide and theft; we just have to be careful and cautious enough to know that to stay alive it could get or end up being a norm of when we would be confusedly lost asking ourselves ‘why’, ‘where did we go wrong’ et al and arming ourselves…yes. More of lead investment with hostile purchases and societal mergers, if it hasn’t been done already. It’s funny how half a century later, complacency in democratic integration along the grassroots level is like it was invented a week or so ago. And wait, didn’t Kibaki leave a new constitution for the country before he ran his ass back home, knowing how crude the domino effect would have been during the transition…what with what happened like was it 9 years ago? … Until now. 

Kibaki was a schemer. Hehe 

Anyway, why is it that Kenya feels like she’s actually getting younger and younger with time…shouldn’t she grow old knowing how much binding power she would have been having over us, keeping us one. Respect to all grandparents by the way…foundation.

She’s getting younger and younger, confused and distracted, complacent and naive, lost and hopeful, distant and distant. Is Kenya being courted by Benjamin Button? Or are they related?

That’s all for now… 


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